Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure Facilities in Ahemdabad Gurukuls

All Gurukuls are built with utmost care. Gurukuls are not just buildings of education but a place of worship for students, a place to perform their Karma Yoga. We believe that a place a student spends almost 6 – 8 hours that too where his concentration has to be highest, must be comfortable and conducive to learning.  

Keeping this in mind, all buildings are tried to be kept in compliance with Vastu-shashtr. The surroundings are kept rich in Oxygen by planting Tulsi, Amla, Neem and Peepal around the premises. Inside the premises, well maintained class rooms are filled with positive aura by use of Gou chandan and phenyl. 

Ample space is available for sports facility in Gurukuls with required equipment and coaches. This clubbed with Vedic techniques of Yoga provide students a very healthy environment for physical development as well.

Apart from this Gurukuls are equipped with following facilities:

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